genevieve_despresGeneviève Després completed a degree in Industrial Design at the Université de Montréal, but decided instead to pursue her first passion: drawing.

She turned to illustration, and worked in the fields of educational publishing, advertising, editorial, and children’s literature. She then spent a few years in Europe, where she gave birth to her second child and looks for inspiration and explores different techniques. Since September 2006, the bulk of her work has consisted in illustrating children’s books for the largest publishing houses in Quebec & Canada. She has produced over thirty picture books, translate in different languages: coreen, chinese, portuguese, spanish, german, russian…

The artist employs a variety of techniques and plays with texture and the transparency of different mediums to create unique images. Tender and whimsical, they appeal to the child within us all. Geneviève now lives in Saint-Lambert on the south shore of Montreal with her family.

Shortlisted Elizabeth Mrazik-Cleaver Canadian Picture Book Award 2019, Laurent, c’est moi!

Shortlisted Governor General’s Literary Award 2019, Laurent, c’est moi!